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Pallet crate 'Crisis'

We have been very busy making 140 pallet crates for Crisis the homeless charity. They are opening two new shops in London and the crates will be hung on the walls to showcase a variety of their products, including CD's, homeware, shoes and more!

We made 5 different sizes of crate that will snugly fit the variety of stock, and when hung on the wall will look great, creating interesting patterns and other spaces of storage.

After making all of the crates we then stained them all with two coats of a natural coffee stain that we made using 75% instant coffee and 25% water. Not only did this leave them with a very rich dark red/ brown colour and a great smell, it also means that because the wood is not covered in chemicals, it can be reused in the future or even burnt without releasing any additional toxins to the planet.

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